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These babes have been together for 3 years and have done long distance from London and LA. HOW?! Not sure, these two are absolute rockstars and were the cutest ever. Oliver proposed to Lauren when she was visiting in September. They both decided Vegas would be their best choice for eloping and starting their new […]


November 16, 2021

Lauren + Oliver Elopement at Sure Thing Chapel

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I took this gem of a statement from their inquiry form – because it literally sums up our entire day. Talk about an excision on vision! “So my husband and I are obsessed with each other and up each other’s asses literally 24/7 so we decided every 5 years we would renew our vows. 7/16/21 […]

Vow Renewal

July 16, 2021

Erika + Montana Vow Renewal at Sure Thing Chapel

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Proposal Story: It was Christmas Day which is our favorite day of the year. I had the plan of asking her in front of her mom at the end of the day but only if the moment presented itself because I didn’t want anything to be forced. I had a few ideas, but I couldn’t […]


April 4, 2021

Joshua + Cassandra Elopement at Sure Thing Chapel