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I'm Karissa.
Pronounced: Kuh-Riss-Uh

I'm a Vegas native meaning I was born and raised in this crazy city. Which makes me the perfect witness to your intimate Las Vegas Elopement or Wedding. 

Let me help you plan the perfect unconventional or traditional day that screams "YOU".

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I'm assuming you stumbled across my website because you just got engaged right? Let's CELEBRATE, together!





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- less posed. more real. extra efficent. -

let's have fun!

You are in the right place if you are looking for a photographer who is going to jump right in and take charge - while bringing peace of mind to your day, and cracking all the jokes with you and your partner, + calling your family their appropriate names like "mom" or "grandpa". Because who calls them by their real names anyway?

If you want a photographer who is gentle but not afraid to act like your best friend and let you know you have something in your teeth or in your hair, you found your girl! Yup, that's me in a nutshell! The lovable and honest best friend you often love but sometimes hate. But in the end, you always appreciate. That also rhymed. (You're welcome)

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ariele + Sean

Karissa is amazing! I can't even remember how I came across her website, but I reached out to her last fall in preparation for my March 2019 wedding. We immediately bonded over California and wine. I loved her light and airy style of photography and her kitschy personality. It was hard planning a wedding across the country and not being able to meet all of my vendors in person before the big day, but Karissa felt like a long lost friend and I booked her services pretty quickly. We kept in contact over the months between and she was so patient with me, answering my million questions and updating our contract with last minute changes. The day before the wedding, we finally got to meet at the venue. I knew right away I made the right choice. She was so sweet but very take-care-of-business, which I loved. the day of, she brought an assistant, Olivia, and they both were such a pleasure to work with. We were concerned about the timeline, but because of how on top of it they were, we actually had some extra time. They really helped keep everything in line and made sure to capture every moment, from multiple angles. Not only that, but Karissa was consistently checking in with me, seeing if I needed anything and always made sure I had a drink and a water in hand (totally outside of her responsibilities as a photographer but so appreciated from a brides perspective)! Karissa sent over ~10 high quality photos within 48 hours of the wedding to make sure I had a sneak peak. It was so neat to be on our honeymoon and receive those! The blog was up within 10 days, and the full album in under 3 weeks! Not only was the album available in less time than promised, she delivered over 600 quality photos! My husband and I were thrilled with Karissa's services. Anyone looking for a wedding photographer in the Las Vegas area should not hesitate a second when considering Karissa Russ & Co. :)

morgan + Cameron

KARISSA WAS INCREDIBLE My Husband and I do not live in Vegas, so finding a photographer was tricky. We used the knot and found Karissa, and based on her portfolio we were excited to see her work in action. She seemed like she was talented, but we hadn’t met her in real life yet, and wouldn’t until our wedding day because we couldn’t travel to Vegas prior to the wedding. Before we met she had us fill out an extensive information sheet so that our pictures were organized. This helped tremendously because my parents are divorced, so it avoided any awkwardness in gathering family members together. She just knew how to rally the families together in a professional way. Her little cheat sheet she asked us to make for her made taking hundreds of family photos quick and painless. For the pictures of just my husband and I, frankly we were blown away. She didn’t just capture the moment, she captured the emotion. There is just something magical about Karissa and a camera. At the reception she never sat down because she was taking pictures all night. Every single moment of the reception was captured from the tear jerkingly emotional to the busting a gut laughing. While looking through the photos, my husband and I didn’t think, “oh I wish she got a picture of that” because she got it all. She was amazing. I wish I could do 6 out of 5 stars. Worth every penny!!!!!

brittany + sam

If you want a photographer that feels like you’ve been best friends since pre-k, Karissa is your woman!! She exceeded all of our expectations! We flew to Vegas from Ohio to elope but had no idea what we were doing. We told Karissa a few small details of how we imagined our wedding day and she planned EVERYTHING! From picking us up from our hotel and driving us to the most beautiful location- to capturing the sweetest moments of our best day. Karissa went above and beyond for us. I would give her 10 stars if it was possible. 


Choosing Karissa to photograph my ceremony was hands down one of the best decisions I made for my entire wedding! Her correspondence was quick and efficient even when I reached out to her just a month before my big day. The day of our outdoor wedding it rained all day and Karissa was the only one keeping us all together. She was warm and fun and most importantly quick! She accommodated every style and pose that we wished for, she had a smile on her face the entire event, and she truly felt like just another family member there celebrating with us. The processing time to receive our album back was incredibly fast and upon looking at the photos, you would have never guessed it was pouring rain on us all day! Not only did we receive the most ethereal and breathtaking photos to remember our big day, we received the product of true creativity and dedication to her work. Upon working with Karissa we gained the best photographer for all of our future needs and we also a gained a friend. We are so grateful!

kayla + ruben

I know this is going to sound cheesy, but once I messaged Karissa I knew she was THE ONE. After going through tons of photographers on the phone, email, etc. in the Las Vegas area; Karissa was the only one I felt confident going through. She made things so simple for my husband and I in the planning process. Karissa is like having another wedding planner! She asks about details, what i’d like to see from her, and she gave me an honest opinion without trying to rip me off or add more on. Which A LOT of other photographers tried to do to me while I was searching. Consultation was easy and her questionaire were so thorough. I didn’t think of a lot of the things she was asking about, so it was nice to make me think about things ahead of time before I had to worry about. I would sent her random messages in the night with my worries or something I couldn’t stop thinking about and she was always so responsive. She really put my mind at ease, especially coming all the way from Hawaii for our destination wedding in Vegas. The day of my wedding I was a mess! I let Vegas get the best of me and she took the lead, went with the flow, and caught all the pre wedding shots that I wanted. Then catching all of our gorgeous family shots before the sun went down since we stared late. All I can say is...Thank you again from the bottom of our heart Karissa! People wondering if she’s the one? You will NOT be sorry choosing Karissa to help your wedding day be nothing but flawless & capturing beautiful moments that will last you a lifetime.


Ok- Karissa is absolutely awesome. I think if we lived in the same city we’d be bffs! Lol! She was so great to work with, excellent with communication before, during and after the wedding and made us laugh all day. She didn’t judge me when I had a bridal meltdown moment. She knew all the spots in our area to capture amazing moments and even drove us around to them, which we didn’t expect. We really love everything we’ve received so far! Thanks so much Karissa!!

LIly + ivan

I still can’t believe how amazing our photos turned out! We had been on the hunt for a photographer willing to travel for our destination wedding (Mexico) just months prior to our date and I’m so happy Karissa was able to! She is an old friend from high school to both of us and I’m so glad we were able to reconnect through booking her. She was so amazing and easy to work with. From the morning of our big day to almost midnight she was right there! Capturing every perfect moment. Props to her for working all day especially outside on the beach in that hot and humid weather! She is so happy and easy going but always very professional. Everyone got along with her and so many people complimented me on how dedicated and prepared she was for us. My husband and I had only ever taken photos once before (engagement pics) so we were a little worried about posing and looking “fake” in our portraits but Karissa made it so easy and fun with all her suggestions and feedback. After receiving our pictures we were genuinely shocked that she she got so many good moments at our reception. I was worried about lighting but I was wrong. Karissa came through with amazing night shots of family and friends enjoying themselves. Overall it was a great experience working with her. We can tell Karissa genuinely loves what she does


We love Karissa so much! She was SO amazing to work with, her attention to detail prior and during the wedding made everything day of go so smoothly. Words cannot express how much I enjoyed her and the photos....OMG... I cannot even. She is an absolute joy to work with and booking her will be the best decision you make for your wedding, it was for mine!

Leanne + Shaun

Amazing photographer - went the extra mile to provide everything we wanted! We were getting married from the UK and she made sure to skype us, keep in contact always, recommended shoot locations to match what we wanted, collected us and overall made the day amazing! Put any nerves at rest and made us smile the whole time! Could not recommend Karissa enough!! Stunning pictures and has sneak peaks ready so quickly. So glad we found her!!

Desiree + Alexander

Going across the country (Illinois to Nevada) we were super nervous about how everything for our wedding would pan out. After talking with Karissa and her being amazing and working with us the whole time. She’s not only an amazing, sweet, genuine, and caring person but her photography is flawless! Myself, my husband, and family can only say good things about her and her work. The pictures don’t feel staged or look that way. She captured our day so perfectly, I still can’t thank her enough. We will proudly be displaying her photos for a very long time to come and if we ever need pictures taken in Las Vegas again we will be in contact with her. She went above and beyond working with us as her clients while we were in a touchy situation and we will forever be grateful for it. 11/10 we would recommend her for photos to anyone.

I'm here to serve each and every one of my couples passionately and equally. My company is built on a bedrock of love, a passion for what’s possible and a commitment to be an unstoppable force for good in this world.

But my commitment is to bring you the very best of what I’m living (by doing) and learning (by always developing), and keeping it real and honest as I go. 

So please don’t expect perfect polish (I’m too plain-spoken for that) but do expect thought-provoking ideas + creativity, timeless wisdom in my Instagram captions, some goofy antics while we hang together and an unwavering devotion to helping you feel the most comfortable and beautiful selfs not only in front of my camera but through all of our personal interactions. I really stand with that whole "over caring" statement I made above.

I'm here to serve each and every one of my couples passionately and equally. My company is built on a bedrock of love, a passion for what’s possible and a commitment to be an unstoppable force for good in this world.

But my commitment is to bring you the very best of what I’m living (by doing) and learning (by always developing), and keeping it real and honest as I go. 

So please don’t expect perfect polish (I’m too plain-spoken for that) but do expect thought-provoking ideas + creativity, timeless wisdom in my Instagram captions, some goofy antics while we hang together and an unwavering devotion to help you feel the most comfortable and beautiful selfs not only in front of my camera, but through all of our personal interactions. I really stand with that whole "over caring" statement I made above.

caffeine dependent,
over caring,
over swearing.

Learn more about me

1. I'm a Las Vegas native aka born and raised in "sin city" which just means nothing you or your wedding party does or says can offend or surprise me.  
2. I've got 3 fur babies (Gunner, Ruger, Mr. Chow) Yes. After the hang over because he was a little D*** head when he came home!
3. I love just about every just about every Will Farrell movie  made. So yes, I'll send you gifs filled with his odd humor.
4. I recently became a vegetarian + an all around crazy all natural product nut. (Feel free to ask me why)
5. I really enjoy thrift shopping for name brands.. It's like a treasure hunt every time!
6. I also love home decor. Ok, maybe I just love shopping?
7. I'm like everyone else on the internet.. I enjoy alcohol and drink to much caffeine. 
8. My photography career started in action sports (Dirt Bikes, SXS, Trophy Trucks) I also grew up racing with the boys.
9. I ride my mountain bike when I can. I also really enjoy hot yoga.
10. I watch all the mystery/drama/horror shows like AHS, Dexter, and Bates Motel. But I absolutely refuse to watch scary movies. 

the heart behind it

8 hours of coverage
Hand-Edited, High resolution images
Multiple locations
Delivery within 2-4 weeks

Starting at $2,000.00

6 hours of coverage
Hand-Edited, High resolution images
2 nearby locations
Delivery within 2-3 weeks

Starting at $1,650.00

4 hours of coverage
Hand-Edited, High resolution images
1 location
Delivery within 1-2 weeks

Starting at $1,200.00

collection one
Full story

collection two intimate

collection three keep it simple

Please keep in mind that all of my collections receive: Vendor recommendations, Assistance with planning + Permits, Personalized photo timeline, private online gallery, personal usage rights + print release and a heart felt blog post! 

The truth is.. After spending thousands of dollars, your wedding photos are some of the only tangible things you walk away with AFTER your day. That may come off dramatic, but it's the truth. Scary right?! I hear it time and time again, "We didn't think we cared about photos, we only cared about have a few good ones, so we hired aunt Sally and our photos are awful." Your wedding day is not a day you can do over.. Unless you have an obscene amount of money and maybe a time machine. In which case, do you boo boo! These are the photos that you are going to show your kids when they grow up and photos you are going to reminisce on when you're 80+ years old. I know it's hard to believe, but you will want these things after Instagram/Facebook have come and gone. The money you spend on quality coverage of your day will never be something you regret. This, I can promise. 

"There may be 1000's of weddings that look similar, but no two couples are the same." That's why the process of selecting the right photographer for YOU is so important. 

Step 1 - Let's connect
Simply reach out, by filling out my detailed contact form. This gives me a mild idea as to what I'm expecting for your unique day. We can make initial contact (however you prefer to be communicated with) and iron out any burning questions during this time! After we get all of the details out of the way, we will start the booking process through my user friendly and secure online system. 

Step 2 - Let's get to know each other 
By now at some point, we have either talked on the phone, Facetime, or met in person. When I can, I get you on the books for an engagement session! A lot of my couples do travel from out of town/out of the country and I realize we can't always make this happen. But when we can, we do! It's a great opportunity to get you loose in front of the camera + with me. Come wedding day, you are both pros.

Step 3 - Let's plan together
About 6 weeks out all of your other vendors should be booked (if not, I give all of my recommendations) I send you a custom questionnaire that will help us finalize all of the details + get to know you just a little better. (Like what both of your most anticipated moments of the day are)

Step 4 -Let's get married
I mean, this is what we have been waiting and planning for. Right? Everything is final, this is your day to shine. It's my job to make sure it's as perfect and stress-free as possible. We make all of the photo magic together all day, eat some cake, have some beverages and dance our butts off.

Step 5 - Let's share the magic
24-72 hours after your wedding day you can expect some sneak peeks that I encourage you to share with your friends and family. Within 2-6 short weeks, you will have a blog post written about you and your honey along with a full wedding gallery. This gallery is yours to share + print from! You will receive all high resolution digital files with personal printing rights. 

investment + experience, let's talk about it.


Thank you!

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