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After photographing 200+ weddings and experiencing a global pandemic full of reschedules and cancellations, I’ve learned one thing that matters most - REAL LOVE CONQUERS ALL. Am-I-Right?

In a sea full of wedding photographers, you need someone who will put you + your experience first. Just know, your wedding is a huge deal to me (no matter how unconventional or traditional the ideas you have are!)


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Feeling overwhelmed, confused,
don’t know where to start?

Start here - Take a breath and remember, you’re doing great!

Just know I FULLY understand the pressures of planning a wedding. (I planned mine in a month while 14 weeks pregnant during COVID) because why the hell not? If you take anything from my website, let it be THIS. Forget the fads and all the ‘shoulds’ of weddings. Let go of your family/friend’s expectations. Let’s check in, be yourself, do YOU, and enjoy the heck out of your day! Because I’ve got you covered.

Consider me an extra bridesmaid/grooms lady (a VERY experienced one) who just happens to have a camera in her hand all day. More than just another vendor, I’m the dependable overachiever on your team capturing all the feels + moments you may have otherwise missed. I’ll always be the first to advocate for you, make sure you have a drink in your hand, and be the ultimate hype lady. Don’t get me wrong though, I fully understand your concerns of awkwardness and insecurities, I have them too. BUT please know I truly pride myself on knowing when to step in and be directive but more importantly knowing when/how to step back and let your day unfold naturally. I may seem like a hardass in my day to day life (and mostly am) but I’ll be the first to admit, I fog up my own glasses as I cry during the exchange of your vows or hearing your best friend’s voices crackle while giving their heartfelt speeches. I’m also the first to laugh and encourage something even mildly inappropriate if it encourages crowd participation. 

Needless to say, I’m around to make your day extra memorable and F-U-N taking away as much stress as I can (by being your sounding board, planner, emotional support) the person who helps you sort through the bullshit and brings together the celebration you always wanted. You know, that one that I mentioned at first being uniquely YOU? If I sound like your cup of tea, let’s chat. 

Did we just become best friends?

Did we just become
best friends?

"KARISSA WAS INCREDIBLE My Husband and I do not live in Vegas, so finding a photographer was tricky. We used the knot and found Karissa, and based on her portfolio we were excited to see her work in action. She seemed like she was talented, but we hadn’t met her in real life yet, and wouldn’t until our wedding day because we couldn’t travel to Vegas prior to the wedding. Before we met she had us fill out an extensive information sheet so that our pictures were organized. This helped tremendously because my parents are divorced, so it avoided any awkwardness in gathering family members together. She just knew how to rally the families together in a professional way. Her little cheat sheet she asked us to make for her made taking hundreds of family photos quick and painless. For the pictures of just my husband and I, frankly, we were blown away. She didn’t just capture the moment, she captured the emotion. There is just something magical about Karissa and a camera. At the reception, she never sat down because she was taking pictures all night. While looking through the photos, my husband and I didn’t think, “oh I wish she got a picture of that” because she got it all. She was amazing. I wish I could do 6 out of 5 stars. Worth every penny!!!!!"

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"We knew Karissa was the perfect fit for our wedding the moment we spoke to her! We loved her outgoing, bubbly, and funny personality! She was easy to get in touch with, timely with her responses and well organized. Karissa took the time to get to know us and learn our likes and dislikes which showed in the final product. Not only was Karissa our photographer but a friend to bounce ideas off of and get wedding advice from throughout the planning process which was extremely helpful since this was a destination wedding for us. She did an awesome job keeping everyone focused and on track without feeling bossy (my family tends to get easily distracted). She took amazing pictures that captured the features of our venue perfectly and the mood of our wedding and there isn't a single photo that didn't turn out fabulous! I just wish I could take Karissa home with me so I could share this wonderful gem with all my friends and families! If you want to have a smooth, stress free, fun experience with your photographer while capturing your special day Karissa's your girl and I am so glad I found her!"

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"After getting engaged to my husband I immediately asked Karissa to be our photographer! I've known Karissa for years, since high school and was fortunate enough to watch her photograph one of my best friend’s weddings in Mexico. She is nothing less of spectacular and genuine in all of her work. She was in contact with us for over a year and helped with planning, especially the small details that we never even thought of. Karissa’s "day of schedule" helped out a ton and kept everyone on time. We couldn't have had the most perfect day without Karissa :) Oh and did I mention that the photographs are ridiculously beautiful! All of our family and friends adored Karissa and love the photos!! We couldn't recommend her more. I frequently stock her blog and am excited to see all of the happy couples to come. KARISSA IS INCREDIBLE AND YOU SHOULD HIRE HER."

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Please - stalk me. That looks like reading my website entirely, visiting my social media (IG, FB, Pinterest) & getting an undeniable feeling in your gut that I’m the one for you. Reach out!

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You receive an email back from me within 24-48 hours after receiving your inquiry form. We can chat via email or set up a call/video call option to get to know one another + help me get a feel for the direction you are going and what you are currently lacking in the planning process.

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We both agree we are a great fit and decide to move forward. You let me know and I do a little dancy dancy on the other side of the screen (because you are supporting a small business) and I send you all the things needed to make it official and lock me dowwwwwn.

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The contract is signed + retainer of $500 is paid. Now, we are planning. For some couples that looks like helping you lock down a few more vendors, or plan an engagement session of your dreams.

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If you are planning a large wedding we start with a questionnaire, lock in a timeline, solidify the details and get you down the aisle.

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It’s been a few weeks since the best day of your life - you get home from your honeymoon or a hard day at work to a blissful email from yours truly. You grab the LOYL pop a bottle and go through your images.