these are a few of my favorite things

First sip of caffeine goodness

Teaching the wobble at receptions

Kicking babes ass at connect 4

Road trips + food trips

Reading, writing, podcasts

Personality tests

I'm Karissa! & Those 3 statements pretty much sum me up in a nutshell. I can’t function without caffeine. PERIOD. I’m loyal to my core, which makes me care, A LOT. I want you to feel seen/heard. I’ve been on an amazing journey of self-discovery within the past year and I truly believe it’s helped me hone my craft and bring out the BEST in my couples. I’m not going to lie, I love my job and that makes me a bit of a workaholic. The third part of that statement is over swearing, yes I cuss. It’s a form of expression, I can’t help myself. I stay up far too late, I enjoy binge watching shows while I edit/work and I have an unhealthy relationship with keeping my notifications at 0. That little red box drives me crazy and I know I’m not the only one. I’m currently obsessed with my road bike since moving back to Vegas from Socal. Yes, I’m one of the very few people who was born and raised in Las Vegas and can show you a good time off the strip + give you all of the recommendations. I’ve been going on some awesome solo adventures (it also helps me cut back on all the working stuff I mentioned above) and getting in better shape is cool too. The basic B in me loves my dog (Mr. Chow) coffee, white claws, cocktails, wine, HAHA DRINKING. Shopping, decorating, thrifting, and target. AKA just spending money. I dig good acoustics + violin covers. I have an obsession with Will Farrell movies, I love comedy. #Warning You will get Will Farrell memes from me, so just be prepared. Did we just become best friends?


there is no "i" in team

As much as I'd like to take credit for this well oiled machine, I can't. I do have some really amazing help in my corner (which means you do too) I'd love to introduce you to the faces you may interact with at some point during the wedding planning process.

I'm a huge believer in women supporting women and that's how this little team has formed. These two have had my back since the beginning and believed in the vision. This makes my team extremely unique and tight knit! We have personal relationships outside of business and I believe that makes a huge difference in how we interact and work as a team come wedding day.

You'll prob never see Melissa's face, but she's the master behind the scenes keeping us relevant online. My little pin master.

Darian, she's too cute to miss and will most likely see her with me on your wedding day as my second set of eyes, ears , and hands. 


Virtual Assistant

Day of Assistant


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"I know this is going to sound cheesy, but once I messaged Karissa I knew she was THE ONE. After going through tons of photographers on the phone, email, etc. in the Las Vegas area; Karissa was the only one I felt confident going through. She made things so simple for my husband and me in the planning process. Karissa is like having another wedding planner! She asks about details, what I’d like to see from her, and she gave me an honest opinion without trying to rip me off or add more on. Which A LOT of other photographers tried to do to me while I was searching. The consultation was easy and her questionnaire was so thorough. I didn’t think of a lot of the things she was asking about, so it was nice to make me think about things ahead of time before I had to worry about it. I would send her random messages in the night with my worries or something I couldn’t stop thinking about and she was always so responsive. She really put my mind at ease, especially coming all the way from Hawaii for our destination wedding in Vegas. The day of my wedding I was a mess! I let Vegas get the best of me and she took the lead, went with the flow, and caught all the pre wedding shots that I wanted. Then catching all of our gorgeous family shots before the sun went down since we started late. All I can say is...Thank you again from the bottom of our heart Karissa! People wondering if she’s the one? You will NOT be sorry choosing Karissa to help your wedding day be nothing but flawless & capturing beautiful moments that will last you a lifetime."

"After searching a while on the internet I stumbled upon Karissa... her personality immediately popped out through her website but more importantly through her pictures. I immediately booked her and never had a second thought about that. I was anxious about my pics... not because of Karissa but because of myself. I don’t consider myself photogenic (I am the one who can literally ruin every picture by having weird faces or just having my eyes closed). Karissa made me (and of course my husband) feel so relaxed and acting normal. I knew she was there to take pics but never did I had the thought of being I am ruining our pics. And luckily I didn’t. Karissa made beautiful pictures even better as we expected/hoped for. She listens really well to what we wanted but still gives it her own personal touch in the best way possible. I love how our pictures resembles who we really are (she really captured our big smiles and love for each other). And another big plus was how she managed to capture us but also the beauty of our special spot in the mountains. She is really easy to work with and has a great bubbly personality. She also knows to manager a timeframe without bothering the bride and groom. She takes time for you before, during but also after the wedding. She is definitely not the cheapest but you pay for quality and that is what we got and more. Would I book her again... HELL YEAH!"

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"Karissa is a special, special human being. She had a heart for love stories, for being unique, and being your truest self. I have worked with other wonderful photographers but the feeling was always stiff and conventional. Karissa makes the experience fun and silly and in this, allows the love between her people shine. Fun prompts like "lean in and tell her your grocery list" throw you off so much you start laughing and you forget how you "should" act and become yourself. If you want true, of-the-moment shots of love, light, and laughter - Karissa is your human. Trust her. She's the best." -Stacy

"My Girlfriend and I had a quick week in Vegas and used KarissaRuss@Co for a couples photography session. What an fun and amazing experience! Not your average photo shoot. Karissa made it fun and exciting! Top notch!" -Jerrod

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