Erika + Montana Vow Renewal at Sure Thing Chapel

I took this gem of a statement from their inquiry form – because it literally sums up our entire day. Talk about an excision on vision! “So my husband and I are obsessed with each other and up each other’s asses literally 24/7 so we decided every 5 years we would renew our vows. 7/16/21 is our 5 year anniversary! I want to go full on trashy vegas style Elvis vow renewal and some crazy outfits and I was thinking old vegas?”

I LOVE making a couple’s vision comes to life + how freaking sweet are they for wanting to renew their vows every 5 years? every year on their anniversary, they take a photo with the previous years photo to document the time. I love this tradition and I am totally stealing it. Erika, that crafty ass woman made all of the florals, and did you catch the miller can? because their last name is Miller! Give me all the meaningful details and fun couples. Montana you sir – looked amazing beyond belief in a leopard suit with crocs. Cause if you ain’t crocin are you even Rockin on your wedding day?! See you both at year 10!!


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