What is an Elopement?

When most people think of an elopement, they think of running away to get married in a chapel, without telling a soul. While that may be the old-fashioned interpretation of an elopement, the modern “definition” has evolved over time. Nowadays, an elopement can really look however you want it to. As a professional Elopement + Wedding photographer, I’m here to tell you all about elopements, what they are, and why they’re AWESOME.

First off, an elopement is a celebration designed to be focused on the couple, rather than wedding guests. I think that’s probably my favorite part about them. As much as I love photographing larger weddings, there’s something special about seeing my couples tie the knot without worrying about how their wedding guests are doing all day. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t be surrounded by loved ones if you choose to elope! A lot of couples will bring some friends and family along on their elopement day, it’s just a much smaller (and less stressful) amount of people.


Another great thing about elopements- is they truly allow you to throw all of the typical wedding traditions out the window. That is, the traditions you want to throw out the window, of course. You can forget whatever your grandmother told you about what you need to do/wear/have at your wedding- elopements are all about doing whatever the hell you want to do!

The possibilities are really endless as far as location and activities go. Whether you want to get married in a chapel, a park, someone’s house, a pretty nature spot… It really doesn’t matter where you go, as long as it’s somewhere that makes you two happy. I’ve had couples rent mustangs and party downtown for their elopements, and I’ve had couples host beautiful intimate ceremonies in the middle of the desert. All have been equally magical because they have always been perfect representations of the couple that was getting married.


Okay, so you probably get the point by now. Elopements are basically just whatever you want to do, wherever you want to do it- while saying “I do” to the rest of your lives together. Pretty awesome, right? Do you know what else is awesome? How heavy your wallet will feel with all that money you’re saving! Skipping a large venue, catering for 100+ people, decorations, (the list goes on + on) saves you a HUGE chunk of change. This day is about your shared love and commitment to each other, so, why not take the financial and social pressures off the table? Plus, that means more funds to go towards a freakin’ sweet honeymoon.

While you will be saving a ton of money, I don’t recommend skipping out on vendors entirely. Make sure to find an experienced photographer that can help you plan your dream elopement, and be there to document and preserve all of those special memories of your day!

(If you can’t already tell) elopements are kind of my thing, and I want you to have the best elopement EVER. If you’re planning on eloping in Las Vegas, head over to my contact page to inquire about my elopement photography packages today.


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