Stacy + Jared at the Salt Flats

This session warms my heart in ways that no one would ever understand unless they attended the Imperfect Boss Camp with me. Which Stacy did! We met the first morning early during a meditation breathing class. We got paired together to match one another’s breathing. It was such an intimate moment between to complete strangers and I felt a crazy connection with her. After that, for the next week, we ran into each other and made a pact to sit next to one another on our way back to the airport (3 hours) we connected on the level I expected and had very similar stories. When she informed me she and Jared would be in Vegas a few months later I told her she HAD TO make time for me and let me steal them for a session and I would love to be paid in Mexican food and micheladas. WIN WIN WINNNNNN for us all. This session was everything. So thankful for the memories and people I met at camp.


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