Sietske + David Elopement at Mt. Charleston

These two honestly take the cake thus far on the bad-ass couple factor. Sietske’s hair was out of this world with the mohawk type look on a bride, it was creative, different and completely fitting to her style. Then you have David who looks like he rolled up on his Harley in style with that beard and suspenders. Throughout the day they had subtle details that just screamed “them” but the wedding was all around simple and focused on their love + family and friends who traveled from all over the country/world.

Sietske is originally from the Netherlands where the two met at a bar while David was on tour with his band. Who was all in attendance at the wedding! One of his bandmates is actually the person who performed the ceremony. The dialog for the ceremony was one of the best I have heard yet, it was infused with such personality from both the bride and the groom and flowed right along like a song. Sietske wrote her vows on a napkin, as they first met that’s how they exchanged notes. David popped out a bill for humor with vows written on it but ended up just speaking from his heart.

We were nestled in the trees of Mt. Charleston surrounded by beautiful scenery and even more beautiful people with two amazing cultures that got fused together forever. I think the photos speak for themselves because these babes have chemistry off the damn charts! Sietske – Thank you for my new obsession with Strop Waffles.

Photography : Karissa Russ & Co.

Ceremony Venue : Foxtail Group Picnic Site

Make Up : Make Up in the 702

Catering : Sin City Smokers


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