Rebecca + Donald Elopment at The Neon Museum

How freaking cute are they? I love it when a couple comes to me with a vision. They know what they want and are down to do whatever I say and get creative. Destination elopements have allowed me to get so close with my couples, hang with them, and love on them. These two fell in love after being friends for a long time. They came from NY and have a mutual love for art and music. They enjoy traveling to out of the box places and post the coolest hole in the wall spots I’ve ever seen. GOALS.

Unique Couple at The Neon Boneyard
Unique Elopement Dress
Neon Museum Elopement
Couple Dancing at Neon Museum
Cheetah Groom Suit
Neon Boneyard Romantics
Unique Elopement Dress
Lady Luck Neon Museum
Women Dancing at Neon Museum
Unique Grooms Suit
Creative Groom
Pink and Leopard Dress
Neon Museum Wedding
Fun Bride and Groom
Unique Wedding Romantics Inspo
Creative Elopement
Unique Vinyl Records
Cheetah Suit
Bride and Groom in Record Store
Bride and Groom in Downtown Las Vegas
Bride and Groom in Old Las Vegas
Fun Bride and Groom

Locations – Neon Museum & Downtown Las Vegas

Photographer – Karissa Russ & Co.


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