Marlene + Micheal Wedding at the Neon Museum

Proposal Story – “I knew this was coming, I told her 6 months into dating that I was going to marry her. She thought I was crazy. After being together for two years, we agreed it was the right time. It was not a surprise proposal, we had discussed marriage and everything we wanted for our future together. It was an announcement of our love for each other. I rented out a private room at Kirby’s Steakhouse for us and a few close friends. During dessert, I told everyone how much she meant to me and gave her my grandmother’s ring. She has made me the happiest man alive, I was lost without her. Together we found our best selves.”

LOVED these two. A perfect example of having fun. Funny story, Marlene told Michael to wear a belt after he lost some weight before the wedding, he opted out.. well, during the ceremony, his pants fell down and the entire crowd busted out into laughter. Marlene turned to beat red, embarrassed but also so “them” that it would have only happened during the ring exchange to keep it interesting. It’s important to have such a good group of people around you. They ended their night at neon by purchasing the brilliant light show for everyone to see. It was magical!! A major reason they choose to get married at neon and something they experienced together while in town and decided they wanted to be married their + share that experience with their guests. It was my first time watching the show myself, 10/10 recommend it!


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