Makayla + Steven Engagement Session at the Dry Lake Bed

Proposal Story – “I had worked a long 12-14 hour shift and Steven anxiously waited for me to get home. When I got home Steven was standing in the driveway waiting to greet me but was hiding his body behind his truck as I backed in the driveway. I thought he was afraid I was going to hit him lol but he was trying to hide the fact that he was dressed up. He greeted me and helped me carry my stuff through the garage and a short distance into the house. He took my stuff from me and told me to close my eyes because he had a surprise in the kitchen. I had absolutely no idea what was going on. Steven walked me over to the kitchen and had me face towards the island before he said open your eyes. I opened and looked around at a semi dark room with a few candles lit very confused. We walked over to the patio door where Steven’s mom was waiting on the other side with a camera. Steven and his mom had set up candles and Christmas lights before I got home to make the proposal romantic. We walked over to the candles, I was in shock and started to cry a little, Steven had begun to say something as he reached into his flannel pocket and pulled out a beautiful little ring box engraved “Future Mrs. Woods” and got down on one knee. I placed my hands on my face both excited and in shock and said yes! We finished the night off with some pictures and a glass or two of bubbly.”

I very rarely take in person consults anymore, but I knew when I met them they were the right fit for me. We laughed, bs, and chated over some coffee until we made things official. At their engagement session, we did the same (minus the coffee) and had a ton of fun out in the open desert incorporating one of HIS favorite things besides her (his truck!) LOL I cant wait for these two to get hitched in Febuary.


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