Christina + Ralph Wedding At Dragon Point Villa

When two very accomplished individuals want you to capture their wedding day, it’s always an honor! Both Christina + Ralph are doctors (in case you were wondering) Sealing the deal on a cloudy day in the hills at Dragon Point Villa. It has been really hot all week and I was a tad relieved the clouds covered us all day for shade. + It makes for amazing pictures!

A few weeks before the wedding, Ralph was playing basket ball and severely injured his leg. He had to cart around on a scooter with his leg all day. The poor guy couldn’t really enjoy his first dance or walking down the isle. But we made it work and from these pictures you probably wouldn’t have even known he was in pain.

The bride gave her girls the sweetest gifts. They all got Kate Spade bags that matched their colorful personalities. The groom gave his groomsmen the sweet Ray Bans they are wearing in their pictures. Dragon Point Villa views are by far some of my favorite to date. Check out some of my favorites!


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