Ariane + Rory Wedding at The Flamingo Hotel & Casino

Proposal Story – We were on a family trip with Ariane’s family. We were taking a cruise from Miami to the Caribbean. While in Miami, we went to this really cute Greek restaurant on Saturday night. We were sitting out by the water. Rory completely surprised Ariane by getting down on one knee and proposing in front of her close family.

I had a special connection with these two right away. I was so excited emailing back and forth with Ariane. We had a ton in common and when she told me what Rory did for work (Iron Worker) I knew she had great taste and we really were foreign bff’s. LOL That’s what my man does too. There wasn’t a dry eye the entire ceremony. Literally, everyone was crying. After all of the wedding party photos, we went exploring the property in the dark and before I left them – Rory pulls out his wallet and hands me a sticker for Jake.. It’s an ironworker thing. So I made sure to mail him some stickers back! Wish these two the very best.

Photographer – Karissa Russ & Co

Venue – The Flamingo Hotel & Casino


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