Savannah + Javi Engagement at University of Nevada, Reno

I’ve known Savannah (since middle school) and Javi (since high school) Honestly my relationship with Savannah has always been something extremely special to me. I’ve always thought of her + protected her like a little sister. She is the main reason my faith was so strong at such a young age and why I yearned for a relationship with God. We have so many memories at church and the mall (cause that’s what we always did after service) I loved scaring her by doing donuts in the parking lot and feeding her appetite for chipotle. She’s the first person to introduce me to vegan cupcakes before it was cool. For real I could go on and on because the women has a beautiful heart. It’s been so magical for me to watch her literally grow up and chase all of the dreams she set out and worked so hard for in high school. Becoming a first-grade teacher, being an amazing student + cheerleader, now coaching at UNR with Javi.

I just happened to be in Reno shooting a wedding when they got engaged. We had plans to go to brunch on Sunday after my wedding / hang out and catch up. When I got a text Saturday evening saying “plans changed, but in the best way!” With a picture of Javi on his knee. I’d been waiting for this moment for almost 6 years! He took her by the Lake in Tahoe outside of one of their favorite restaurants. Of course, she said yes! Little did she know, he had another trick up his sleeve. He got a call from his sister (pretending to be his boss) asking him to swing by a venue and pick up a deposit from a previous event they held. Savannah was like ok, it’s for work, let’s go. Little did she know all of her family had traveled from Vegas + their mutual friends. They were all waiting to surprise them both as they walked in the venue to their engagement party!

Savannah + Javi I’m so excited for the both of you. I can’t wait to see what the future holds. Love you both!


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